11 Alarming Features Of GetResponse AI-Website Builder

Overview of AI technology used in GetResponse AIWebsite Builder:

Everyone in the digital marketing space is aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its disruptive potential in the way and future of marketing. Its disruptive tendencies are demonstrated in user targeting, advert creation, and automation, media buying, content generation, etc.

Digital marketing has given rise to the expansive data generation and collection and the bigger issue of what data is worth collecting and deploying in marketing campaigns. The challenges of how to manage big data and analyzing them have brought about the use of a component of Artificial Intelligence, known as machine language.

Machine language involves the use of computer algorithms that can analyze information and improve automatically through experience. Here new information is analyzed in the context of historical data relevance that can be deployed in informed decision making based on what has worked and those that haven’t.

All these foregoing and the need to have real-time, data-driven, and marketing effective decisions has brought AI to the fore burner of marketing managers and stakeholders.

However, the application of AI in marketing campaigns and promotion, and ascertaining at what stage to apply it, requires skills and experience on the part of marketers so that desired effectiveness and return on marketing investment can be optimized.

The avalanche of data in this modern day of marketing has seen marketer faced with the preponderance of data which overwhelms and creates poor and ineffective, less efficient marketing contents, causing GetResponse to rise to the occasion by including on their online platform, the latest feature which is AI-enabled and called Website Builder.

Getresponse is a marketing tool for both experts and beginners

What is GetResponse AI-Website Builder?

GetResponse Website Builder is a new feature found on Getresponse’s digital marketing platform which helps users quickly develop a digital presence and scale their companies, saving time and money, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI).

With the aid of AI, users can build versatile and beautiful websites for all sizes of companies. It helps marketers deal with the enormous real-time, data-driven, and real-time marketing decisions necessary for crafting effective and converting marketing campaigns.

Users can also build their new website from scratch, with dynamic drag and drop editors. It comes with full-bodied templates which are flexible and easy to use.

How compatible is the new GetResponse Website Builder with other tools?

This new GetResponse Website Builder integrates seamlessly with marketing system tools which include email marketing, automation, popups, chats, webinars, paid adverts, web push notifications, and many more.

What additional value does the new GetResponse Website Builder bring to the use of the platform?

The new GetResponse Builder has loaded much more dynamism and ease of flexibility and creativity like never before.

11 features of the newly updated GetResponse marketing platform are listed below:

  1. AI-Powered Website Creator Artificial Intelligence (AI) combines the capability of big data analytics and real-time data-driven marketing decision-making capability to enable users to create robust web pages that easily rank high on search engines.

Users need not worry any longer about optimizing their newly created web pages for search engines as the AI wizard will automatically create and rank the new web page created using a completed questionnaire which the user needs to complete, providing very basic information about the company, industry, location, etc.

2. Ready to use web design templates

Users will find easy-to-use web design templates very valuable as they are now able to create new websites from scratch using these robust design templates. There are templates for layout, fonts, and styles.

To add to this do-it-yourself website building capability of the new GetResponse website builder, the templates are also industry-specific. This saves the users’ cost of employing a website designer which comes with its high cost and delays. The drag and drop editor enables more customization.

3. Ease of designing

You do not need any coding skills, expensive programmers, or any special plugins when you use the new GetResponse Website Builder. Its design simplicity has taken care of the possible website designing needs of the end-user.

To change the style, color, fonts, and the like is effected by clicking a button with global design controls and seamless integration with a top-rated stock photo website called Unsplash, where users can easily search and download pictures and images for their web design project. End-user doesn’t need to optimize for mobile responsiveness of their new web pages as they are automatically generated by the new GetResponse Website Builder.

4. Built-in Website popups

Website popups are very useful for lead generation, marketing and promotions, and new content and feature announcements. This feature is highly customizable with the use of a simple form. The end-user may choose to make header menus less crowded with the use of popups to highlight those web pages of utmost sales importance.

5. Complete website solution

End users could have both domain registration and website hosting on the GetResponse platform, provide seamless connection of existing domains, use free domains, and buy a new domain, all within the same website builder. SSL certificates are also provided. This feature is very beginner-friendly.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Websites and web pages for businesses and individuals need to be visible to search engines for researchers and online buyers to discover as this will promote sales and revenue. Organic traffic through this means reduces the cost of conversation and sales. The website builder also automatically adds metadata for titles and description and also change the slug to support keywords. These are skillful exercises performed by experienced web designers but offered freely by the new GetResponse website builder.

7. Performance analytics

This important to have so that you can determine what works and when to rejig the content of the webpages for effectiveness and traffic conversion. Some of the performance data includes traffic, devices, location, click tracking, and forms/popups.

8. All-In-One Platform

GetResponse is an online platform for marketing automation which enables marketers and entrepreneurs develop a viable marketing asset such as landing page, email lists, etc., for creating relationships which eventually converts prospects and audience to loyal customers and business fans.

How do you get on-board GetResponse online platform.

GetResponse aside from being a marketing automation tool also features webinar marketing, CRM, social media marketing, and lead generation, and e-commerce functionality.

If you are a beginner and looking for a zero budget way of starting your online marketing for scalable business processes and growth, GetResponse a full-option, 30-day FREE trial, that allows you to start building your online marketing assets and making money before you start paying for a subscription.

GetResponse price page is found below:

Experienced beginners with GetResponse will find the “PLUS” package more beneficial because of the access to more features that brings them to speed with their automation at the end of the trial period.

When your log in to GetResponse, you are welcomed by a dashboard that shows you the well-being of your online marketing. This provides you with ease of navigation.

It also provides you with a video tour and a sneak peek, just to ensure you get a seamless user experience.

Getresponse Menu Page:

To get started, click on the menu page and you will find two major categories of tools:

It’s Selling Season Promotion
  • Communication tools
    • E-mail marketing
    • Website Builder
    • Autoresponders
    • Automation
    • Webinars
    • Chats
  • Growth tools
    • Conversion funnels
    • Landing pages
    • Form and surveys
    • Paid ads


The most important function that keeps any business sustainable and profitable is marketing, therefore the use of a formidable marketing platform that integrates seamlessly, necessary marketing tools that have kept businesses successful over the years. More experienced marketers have made it to top earners in their respective careers using powerful online marketing platforms. If you desire to win and remain successful, use the GetResponse marketing solution.