Crypto Money | What’s the best way to make an extra $500 this month?

I am a business development and marketing communication specialist. Business development entails activities such as researching journals and directories, seeking information related to my industry, product, and services, and developing strategies and plans to attract people to my brand, products, and services to improve my business revenue and reputation in service delivery.

Marketing communication is the way and strategies I go about creating a persona for my brand so that it stands out clearly in the marketplace.

Apart from being a business communication specialist, I have an interest in making money online and I have driven my passion for online income to the extent that I now have credible digital skills that make me earn money online and also mentor those who are interested in making money online, especially through affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency trading.

Affiliate marketing is the marketing services rendered to several businesses where one earns some commission for the revenue accrued as a result of one’s sales and marketing activities for those specific businesses.

In affiliate marketing, it is advisable to have a few niches for marketing and this is achieved by joining online marketplaces like share-A-sales for physical and digital products or Amazon for the sale of physical products. My other niche is the cryptocurrency trading affiliate program.

Making Crypto Money:

Cryptocurrency is a very volatile investment, however, so many people have become rich buying and trading cryptocurrencies without initial trading skills. To earn money doing online jobs/trading cryptocurrencies take learning skills that are relevant to deliver services online. You must get good at whatever skill or job you need to deliver online to succeed. To get good at any endeavor take the following:

  1. Starting
  2. learning
  3. practice
  4. grinding
  5. more grinding
  6. play down greed substantially
  7. Set reasonable limits after which you start rewarding yourself

If your interest is online trading, then permit me to introduce cryptocurrency online trading to you


Do your research for a good cryptocurrency trading platform that you can both invest in and trade. Join as an investor with a little amount of money ($200), an amount you can afford to lose. Take note of the monthly charges of the platform. Good platforms will trade with your invested amount for you and pay you a percentage of what your investment makes, every week. So you start earning immediately


In my case, after joining trading on the platform with $150, since I didn’t know much about trading cryptocurrencies, I allowed the company’s traders to trade for me to ensure that I started earning immediately while I started learning using the demo account on the platform. Learning is a continuous process in this business.


There is a need to understand that there is grinding to do for you to be successful and profitable.

In my case, at the end of every 7 days, I reinvest the $4-$5 earned so that my investment grows as my earnings also grow. Remember, my platform will take a $25/month service charge so with my low initial investment of $150, I was making $4 every week If I left it like that, my investment will be less than the required minimum to trade on the platform ($100) and my account will automatically shutdown.

So the grinding is necessary for reinvesting and earning enough, to at least, offset the monthly $25/month service charge, while you are learning and acquiring trading skills on the cryptocurrency platform.

More Grinding:

The platform I use also makes it possible to earn cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or Ethereum) when you invite other interested investors onto their platform. They have an affiliate program that I joined and earn an affiliate commission which I don’t withdraw for not but add to my investment to grow my investment to my target goal after which I start withdrawing from my weekly earnings. This option has the potential of earning you so much if you embrace affiliate marketing.

Playdown Greed:

Most losses of online investments are due to greed. The rule of thumb is if you’re getting into an unfamiliar investment terrain, you start small, an amount you can conveniently afford to lose so that when anything goes wrong, your cost of learning will be very minimal. Start small!

Set limits and targets and keep to them:

In cryptocurrency trading, set your goals and targets. Are you trading to accumulate Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., or fiats ($)? What value must you get to before gradually taking out your initial investment? Follow your principles and targets and don’t change them because Bitcoin has suddenly increased in value.

How long it takes to get good at cryptocurrency trading depends on your zeal, your investible resource, your willingness to put in the work to meet your target, your resilience, and then your persistence to succeed.

Conclusion: I am a business administrator who has experience growing businesses through both online and offline strategies.